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This project is no longer being actively maintained.


kp-atomix is a javascript version of the Katomic video game that allows nearly 200 levels to be played in a Web Browser.

The game will run in any modern web browser on any operating system. It runs equally well from a USB memory stick or hard drive as it does on a server.

Play Now

A Live Demo of kp-atomix can be played at Atomix Online


To install kp-atomix on your local drive or on a server, simply download the latest zip file from , unzip it and then open the index.html file in a browser and play.

Saving Levels

Partially completed levels and complete solutions can easily be stored as bookmarks for latter completion or reference.

Server Support

You are free to to install kp-atomix on a public or private server and customize it as you wish. If you want to operate a site like Atomix Online then you should add the following line to atomix.css

  #success-dialog-button-save {display: inline !important;}

This will show a button, when a level is completed, inviting the user to submit a solution to the originating site. When the button is clicked a page '/atomix/submit-solution/?data' will be accessed via ajax. Obviously you must have a php or cgi script at that location to collect and store the data.

This project does not include the server side code to support this.

Collected solutions for atomix and katomic puzzles

The best solutions for each level as submitted to the demo site can be seen at Please note that these are not necessarily optimal solutions.

Finding optimal solutions to atomix and Katomic puzzles

A paper, Finding Optimal Solutions to Atomix, covers this topic in depth.

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