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Figma Kaleidescope

This demonstrates using the Figma REST API to use symbols loaded from a Figma file to create a pop-art rendition of an image

API Usage

We use 2 endpoints in this project:

  • GET /v1/files/:file_key - Get the JSON representation of a file to extract top level frames (the symbols)
  • GET /v1/images/:file_key - Render each frame as an image

We render each of the top level frames in your Figma document and use those rendered images to fill in the input file provided.

Set up

  1. Update API_TOKEN in with your personal access token.
  2. Run python INPUT_FILE FILE_KEY where FILE_KEY is the figma file where the symbols you want to use is and INPUT_FILE is the image you want to render.

Your output image will appear as out.png.