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Figma Api Spellchecker

This demonstrates using the Figma REST API to spell check copy in a Figma file.

API Usage

We use 2 endpoints in this project:

  • GET /v1/files/:file_key - Download a JSON representation of a Figma document.
  • POST /v1/files/:file_key/comments - Post a comment to a Figma file.

We load the JSON Figma document and iterate over it to find all TEXT nodes. For each TEXT node, we check the spelling of the contents. If we find any possible spelling errors, we post a comment explaining the error on the upper left hand corner of the node.

Set up

  1. Clone the repo and npm install
  2. Update file_id and personal_access_token in app.ts.
    • file_id can be found in the Figma file's url<file_id>
    • personal_access_token can be found in Account Settings (you may need to generate your token)
  3. Run npm run build to build the project.
  4. Run npm run spellcheck to spellcheck and comment on your document.