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gRPC proxy over Oasis gRPC. Currently the only way to connect to Oasis node is using unix socket. This proxy is responsible for exposing Oasis node's data to the outside work using gRPC. It also serves as a anti-corruption layer which is responsible for converting raw Oasis data to the format understood by the oasishub-indexer

Oasis Core version


Available gRPC Services

  • AccountService@GetByPublickKey - get account by public key
  • ChainService@GetCurrent - get current chain information
  • BlockService@GetByHeight - get block data by height
  • StateService@GetByHeight - get state data by height
  • ValidatorService@GetByHeight - get validators data by height
  • TransactionService@GetByHeight - get transactions data by height
  • DelegationService@GetByPublicKey - get delegations for provided public key (height is optional)
  • DebondingDelegationService@GetByPublicKey - get debonding delegations for provided public key (height is optional)

Environmental variables

  • APP_ENV - application environment (development | production)
  • SERVER_ADDR - address to use for API
  • SERVER_PORT - port to use for API
  • OASIS_SOCKET - absolute path to oasis node socket
  • GENESIS_FILE_PATH - absolute path to genesis.json (It is needed for decrypting transactions)
  • LOG_LEVEL - level of log
  • LOG_OUTPUT - log output (ie. stdout or /tmp/logs.json)
  • ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN - Rollbar access token for error reporting
  • ROLLBAR_SERVER_ROOT - Rollbar server root for error reporting
  • SERVER_METRIC_ADDR - Prometheus server address for server metrics
  • METRIC_SERVER_URL - Url at which metrics will be accessible

Running the project

To run the project use:

go run main.go -config path/to/config.json -cmd=server

Exporting metrics for scrapping

We use Prometheus for exposing metrics for indexer and for server. Check environmental variables section on what variables to use to setup connection details to metrics scrapper. We currently expose below metrics:

  • figment_oasis_proxy_node_request_duration (gauge) - total time required to execute request to node