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Models fix cred key lookup
Tests v1 api framework
api/v1 move id into biblio display
deploy changed apache max ram to 70% in
library add PHPMarkdown library to embed Markdown files in web pages
plugins ignore need for certificates for now
ui spaced out footer funder logos better
.dexy file permissions
.htaccess .htaccess cleaned up
LICENSE spelling fix!
about.php Typo
bootstrap.php seed.php, Models_Seeder now use creds.php for passwds
comingsoon.php fix wording
examples.php make links to about work, clean up
header.php Adding blog link to header
index.php added memcache caching for plugins at URL level, removed Mendeley Qui…
report.php db creds now pulled from creds.ini (also refactored Models_Collection…
supported-ids.php added to changelog, fixed typos
test.php added script to test max num parallel requests
update.php db creds now pulled from creds.ini (also refactored Models_Collection…


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