Cavendish-MW is a MediaWiki skin based on Mozilla's Cavendish skin.
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This is the README file for Cavendish-MW 0.3, a skin for MediaWiki. This skin is based on Mozilla's Cavendish skin for MediaWiki.

Cavendish-MW 0.3 has been tested with MediaWiki 1.21.0. It might not work well with other versions of MediaWiki.

Installation Instructions

To install the Cavendish-MW skin, extract the files from the archive to the "skins" folder of your MediaWiki installation.

Alternatively, you can use Git to clone the entire repository (the advantage is that you can easily update the skin by running the command git pull):

cd skins/
git clone

You should now have the directory skins/cavendishmw/ in your MediaWiki installation.

Now open LocalSettings.php and add the following line somewhere at the end of the file:


That's it.

On your MediaWiki Preferences page, click on the Appearance tab. Under "Skin" there should be an option "Cavendish-MW". Select the skin you would like to use for your account and click Save.


MediaWiki and the Cavendish-MW skin can be configured by editing the file LocalSettings.php in the root folder of your MediaWiki installation. Open this file with a text editor.

Set as default

If you want to set the default skin for all users to Cavendish-MW, set the variable $wgDefaultSkin to 'cavendishmw'. The value must be in lowercase,

$wgDefaultSkin = 'cavendishmw';

Change the header logo

To change the header logo, change the variable $wgLogo. Set it to the path of the logo file.

Cavendish-MW variables

You can use the following variables to further customize Cavendish-MW. The values shown below are the default values.

// Set to 'false' to hide the site name in the header.
$cavendishShowSitename = true;

// The indentation for the site name. You may alter the value depending on
// the size of the logo you use.
$cavendishSitenameIndent = '2em';

// The width of the site name area. Set this to a fixed value if your logo
// exeeds the width of the area.
$cavendishLogoWidth = 'auto';

// The height of the site name area. Set this to a fixed value if your logo
// exeeds the height of the area.
$cavendishLogoHeight = 'auto';


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.