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; Albert Cardona 2008-11-16
; Released under the General Public License v2.0
; This ImageJ plugin creates a plot window which is dynamically updated as the
; ROI is moved across the image.
; Requires a line, polyline, freeline or rectangular ROI.
; Declare a namespace for this script
; with a set of imports specific for it.
(ns roi.profiler.dynamic
(:import (ij IJ)
(ij.gui Plot ProfilePlot Roi)
(java.awt.event MouseMotionAdapter WindowAdapter)
(java.util.concurrent Executors)))
; All functions declared with defn- (notice the minus sign) are private to this namespace.
(def *plot-width* 600)
(def *plot-height* 400)
(defn- create-profile-plot [imp]
(let [pp (ProfilePlot. imp)
data (.getProfile pp)
indices (double-array (range (count data)))
plot (Plot. "Profile" "Index" "Pixel value" indices data)]
(doto plot
(.setLineWidth 2)
(.setLimits 0 (count data)
(.getMin pp) (.getMax pp))
(.setSize *plot-width* *plot-height*))
(defn- create-empty-plot []
(let [data (float-array 1)
indices (float-array 1)
plot (Plot. "Profile" "Index" "Pixel value" indices data)]
(doto plot
(.setLimits 0 1 0 1)
(.setSize *plot-width* *plot-height*))
(defn- is-profilable [roi]
"Returns true if roi is not null and is one of the valid types: a linear roi or a rectangle."
(if roi
(if (some #{(.getType roi)} valid)
(let [empty (create-empty-plot)]
(defn- update [plot-win imp]
"Update the plot window using the current ROI on the image, or set a blank plot if not profilable."
(let [roi (.getRoi imp)
plot-imp (.getImagePlus plot-win)]
(.setProcessor plot-imp nil (.getProcessor
(if (is-profilable roi)
(.getImagePlus (create-profile-plot imp))
(defn- setup [imp]
"Creates a plot window that monitors the line ROI of the image as it changes"
(let [canvas (.getCanvas (.getWindow imp))
plot-win (.show (create-profile-plot imp))
exec (Executors/newFixedThreadPool 1) ; An executor thread pool of 1 thread to run the plot updates
canvas-listener (proxy [MouseMotionAdapter] []
(mouseDragged [event]
; Submit an update job to the executor thread.
; The job is a function with no arguments, created on the fly with #(...)
; which executes the 'update' function with args plot-win and imp:
(.submit exec #(update plot-win imp) nil)))]
(.addMouseMotionListener canvas canvas-listener)
; Remove the mouse listener when the plot window is closed:
(.addWindowListener plot-win (proxy [WindowAdapter] []
(windowClosing [event]
; Tell the canvas to forget our mouse listener
(.removeMouseMotionListener canvas canvas-listener)
; Quit the executor pool
(.shutdown exec))))))
; Execute on the current image if any
(let [imp (IJ/getImage)]
(if imp
(if (is-profilable (.getRoi imp))
(setup imp)
(IJ/showMessage "Need a line or rectangular ROI!"))
(IJ/showMessage "Open an image first!")))
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