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from java.awt import Color
from java.awt.event import TextListener
from ij import IJ
from ij import Menus
from ij.gui import GenericDialog
#commands = [c for c in ij.Menus.getCommands().keySet()]
# Above, equivalent list as below:
commands = Menus.getCommands().keySet().toArray()
gd = GenericDialog('Command Launcher')
gd.addStringField('Command: ', '');
prompt = gd.getStringFields().get(0)
class TypeListener(TextListener):
def textValueChanged(self, tvc):
if prompt.getText() in commands:
# or loop:
#for c in commands:
# if c == text:
# prompt.setForeground(
# return
if not gd.wasCanceled(): IJ.doCommand(gd.getNextString())
# This python version does not encapsulate the values of the variables, so they are all global when defined outside the class definition.
# In contrast, the lisp 'let' definitions encapsulates them in full
# As an advantage, each python script executes within its own namespace, whereas clojure scripts run all within a unique static interpreter.
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