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A social media project for only approved university students which provides an interactive social platform written in Swift 4.2 with the support of Firebase 5.1.
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NOTE: This project has deprecated. I've switched to node.js for back-end and react native for front-end instead of Firebase & Swift so I decided to share the source code to guide new comers. (Code needs to be refactored because I've developed this project while learning swift from stratch.)


What I have done?

  • Create users with university e-mail and send confirmation emails,
  • Loging in and logging out,
  • Home feed with pagination,
  • Profile feed with pagination,
  • Search feed with popular posts and ability to search for users (not finished),
  • Make posts, show dates, comment on posts, like posts and comments,
  • Ability to see who has liked posts, and comments,
  • Hashtags and mentions,
  • Direct messaging,
  • In app notifications, // [Firebase function will be shared in a week.]
  • Push notifications for likes, comments, follows and mentions,
  • Follow/Unfollow users,
  • View followers/following users,
  • Complete pagination of data using Firebase for scalability,
  • Edit profile feature,
  • Deleting posts,
  • Edit posts,
  • Saved posts (not finished),
  • Complete pagination of data using Firebase for scalability,
  • Edit profile feature.
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