Adding more advanced bulk sale products editing for WooCommerce
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=== WooCommerce Bulk Sale - Adding more advanced bulk sale products editing for WooCommerce ===
Contributors: fikrirasyid
Tags: ecommerce, e-commerce, commerce, woothemes, wordpress ecommerce, timepicker, sale
Requires at least: 3.9
Tested up to: 3.9
Stable tag: 0.1
License: GPLv3
License URI:

== Description ==

WooCommerce's default sale bulk editing for product only enables user to edit 20 products (the number of products appear at the Dashboard > Products) at the same time. There's a circumstance where user want to edit more than that number of products at the same time. This plugin is developed to solve that need: Editing more number of products' sale data at the same time.

## Disclosure: 

This plugin is released as courtesy of []( I originally made this plugin for [Hijapedia Store]( and convinced my employer that there is a greater good for everyone by releasing this plugin as an open source plugin.