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Ajax-include pattern

  • Copyright 2012, Scott Jehl, Filament Group, Inc. Original idea from Scott Gonzalez :)
  • Dual licensed under MIT and GPLv2


To use, add attributes to elements in your page where non-essential fragments of content can be included from an external URL, using jQuery-api-like qualifiers like data-after, data-before, data-append, and data-replace:


<a href="..." data-replace="articles/latest/fragment">Latest Articles</a>


<a href="..." data-before="articles/latest/fragment">Latest Articles</a>


<a href="..." data-after="articles/latest/fragment">Latest Articles</a>


<a href="..." data-append="articles/latest/fragment">Latest Articles</a>

Also, the data-threshold attr allows a min width for this to apply.

Note: these attributes can be placed on any element, not just anchors.

Once the DOM is ready, you can apply the plugin like this:


Optional Proxy

To use the proxy and include all ajax includes in one call, just pass in a URL that is ready to accept a list of files, such as the included quickconcat.php file in the root. Note that quickconcat.php is from the external project, quickconcat - check out that project for usage examples.

$("[data-append],[data-replace],[data-after],[data-before]").ajaxInclude( "quickconcat.php?wrap&files=" );
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