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A progressive enhancement bootstrapping utility and pattern.
+App is a small framework designed to determine if a browser is qualified for enhancements, and load specific enhancements for that browser via a single, concatenated request (one for CSS and one for JavaScript).
* Copyright 2012 @scottjehl, @beep, @wilto, @maggiewachs, Filament Group, Inc.
* Dual license: MIT or GPLv2
@@ -109,4 +112,23 @@ App has a few more methods that you might use.
While the `app` utility is very simple by itself; its real value is in the workflows it enables.
+Typically, a site that uses `app` will have two files driving the progressive enhancement process: `app.js`, and a custom file that uses the `app` API to configure and enhance the user experience: for example purposes, `app.enhance.js`. The role of `app.enhance.js` is to determine if – and with which files – a browser's experience should be enhanced. Within `app.enhance.js`, any of the following steps might be taken:
+* Determine if a browser is generally qualified enhancements and if not, exit early (perhaps by testing `document.querySelectorAll` support, or CSS3 Media Queries, or otherwise)
+* Establish the CSS and JS files available for loading.
+* Add certain CSS and JS files to the queue for loading based on various environmental conditions, browser capabilities, screen size, markup conditions, and more.
+* Enhance the page by loading those files via a single, concatenated request.
+For an example of this process, see the `app.enhance.js` file in the `_demo` folder.
+## Further notes.
+### Loading from `head` vs. dynamic loading. When to use each.
+### Managing dependencies between files
+### Concatenating files

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