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Doubling and tripling of selectors #106

remybach opened this Issue · 1 comment

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There seems to be some weird stuff going on in the generated css files. As you can see from the following screencap, the generated datasvgcss file has them correctly, then the datapngcss file has them doubled and the urlpngcss file has them tripled.


This is what the relevant part in the config looks like in our Gruntfile:

grunticon: {
    critical: {
        files: [{
            expand: false,
            cwd: "app/assets/images/icons/active",
            dest: "app/assets/stylesheets/icons",
            src: ["*.svg", "*.png"]
        options: {
            cssprefix: ".icon--",
            customselectors: {
                "*": [".icon--$1--before:before, .icon--$1--after:after"]
            datasvgcss: "critical.svg.css",
            datapngcss: "critical.png.css",
            urlpngcss: "critical.css"
@jefflembeck jefflembeck closed this issue from a commit
@jefflembeck jefflembeck Fix #106 6565234

Whoooaaaa that was quick!


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