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quick wireless - bash script to quickly switch wireless modes
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quick wireless - bash script to quickly switch wireless modes

With qw you can setup a preconfigured access point and connect clients to it with a single command. In addition the script can be used to sniff in monitor mode, deauth clients from a network and capture the handshake all with only a single and short command for each action.

Furthermore the script can be used to connect to any open or wpa protected network, change and reset the mac address, sniff with airodump-ng and to kill/stop processes which might interfere.


The following tools are needed

  • hostapd
  • dnsmasq
  • wpa_supplicant
  • aircrack-ng
  • macchanger

I recommend putting the qw file into the PATH


To setup an access point with the parameters configured inside the qw script just run

qw a

on all the clients run

qw c

to connect to the access point and to request an IP address via dhcp.

The content of the default config files for hostapd and wpa_supplicant are included in the script for portablity reasons. To customize the settings just edit the lines in the script. Be sure to change the wpa passphrase.

If you want to record a wpa handshake start sniffing in monitor mode using airodump-ng and pass the outfile in the channel parameter. Afterwards run the deauth attack against the access point.

qw s -c 2 -w outfile
qw d <bssid>

To kill every process which might interfere and put the interface down run

qm k

Warning: this stops/kills the following processes without prompting: NetworkManager, dhclient, wpa_supplicant, dnsmasq and hostapd

For more information on the underlying mechanisms check out my website for wlan via command line or for wlan attacks.

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