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GISKismet for viking
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GISKismet for viking


You will need to install the following modules for vikismet to work

  • DBI
  • XML::LibXML
  • DBD::SQLite

Changes to GISKismet

  • changed output format from kml to gpx
  • garmin symbols used for waypoints
  • html tags removed from gpx output
  • empty ssids replaced with --cloaked--
  • updates positions in case of a better signal
  • modified commandline parameters
  • added db_stats script for some database statistics


Import kismet data

vikismet -x kismet_file.netxml -d my_database

Create gpx file

vikismet -Q -d my_database -o export.gpx

Open gpx file in viking

viking export.gpx

A short intro into wardriving using kismet, vikismet and viking can be found on

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