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#import <stdio.h>
#import <sys/types.h>
#import <string.h>
* find the last occurrance of find in string
* Copyright 1998-2002 University of Illinois Board of Trustees
* Copyright 1998-2002 Mark D. Roth
* All rights reserved.
* strrstr.c - strrstr() function for compatibility library
* Mark D. Roth <>
* Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services
* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
const char *common_strrstr(const char *string, const char *find) {
size_t stringlen, findlen;
char *cp;
findlen = strlen(find);
stringlen = strlen(string);
if (findlen > stringlen)
return NULL;
for (cp = (char*)string + stringlen - findlen; cp >= string; cp--)
if (strncmp(cp, find, findlen) == 0)
return cp;
return NULL;
// TODO: check if the system have strrstr and use that instead
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