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Crash on Lion after indexing #31

gf3 opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Ingredients first launched properly, and began to index the docs. When it was done indexing, the app crashed. Now the app crashes immediately on launch.

Here's the info from the crash reporter:


I'll +1 on this issue. Indexed fine. Went to search for something. Ingredients died. Same error as above. (Lion 10.7.1)


Same issue here. Same backtrace on the crashed thread with a problem in sqlite3Api.


I also get this crash. Unfortunately the app is unusable on 10.7.1 :/


Same here. Crash on 10.7.1.


Crashes on 10.7.1 on my machine as well.


Same issue here on Lion 10.7.1 with XCode 4.2 Build 4D177b.


I'd guess it has something to do with Core Data not being happy with running in a separate thread, encountering random freed pointers, etc.

I've tried changing - (dispatch_queue_t)backgroundQueue method in in a way so that the "background" processes of the app run on the same (main) thread:

- (dispatch_queue_t)backgroundQueue
    if (backgroundQueue == NULL) {
        //backgroundQueue = dispatch_queue_create(NULL, NULL);
        backgroundQueue = dispatch_get_main_queue();

    return backgroundQueue;

Now it appears to work fine on Lion (unless I didn't provoke it enough to crash), just that the interface became sluggish as the UI has to wait for Core Data to fetch search results. Anyway, not that bad as a temporary solution.


As this would be a "better than nothing" fix, I don't see how that would get pushed to master.


+1 same here with lion 10.7.1

@pypt pypt referenced this issue from a commit
@pypt pypt Temporary fix for issue #31 (OS X Lion crashes); run the searcher on …
…the main thread (apparently, Core Data is no longer happy with its separate thread on 10.7)

Isn't this issue a duplicate of #16?


Issue #16 looks very similar, yes.

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