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This is the repository containing all the code to run the public-facing portion of


To get started, clone this repository and install npm dependencies.

git clone plunker_www
cd plunker_www
npm install

You may need to do the git clone with the --recursive flag to get the submodules automatically populated.

Next, you must create config files for the environments in which you intend to run Plunker. Normally, these would be development and production.

Create config.development.json and config.production.json with the following structure:

  "host": "",
  "url": {
    "www": "",
    "collab": "",
    "api": "",
    "embed": "",
    "run": "",
    "carbonadsH": "You can probably ignore this",
    "carbonadsV": "...and this"
  "port": 8080,
  "oauth": {
    "github": {
      "id": "series_of_random_chars",
      "secret": "longer_series_of_random_chars"

If you just want to hack on the front-end (this repository), you can probably just replace with for each url except www.

For the oauth configuration, make sure you set up an application on github (at and copy the id and secret to the config files.

Project structure

 -+ assets - Contains
  |-- css - Less / css styles
  |-- img - Images
  |-+ js 
    |-- apps - Entry point to the landing page and editor
    |-- controllers - Route handlers for different 'pages'
    |-- directives - Where most of the magic happens
    |-- panes - Modules that get automagically loaded as panes in the multi-pane
    |-- services - Code designed to be shared throughout the app
  |-- snippets - Snippets used by the ace editor for snippet expansion
  |-- vendor - Third-party libraries
 -+ middleware - Express middleware
 -+ views - jade views to render the initial markup for the landing/editor pages