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A stylish web-based file browser



File Browser CLI lets you create the database to use with File Browser, manage your users and all the configurations without acessing the web interface.

If you've never run File Browser, you'll need to have a database for it. Don't worry: you don't need to setup a separate database server. We're using Bolt DB which is a single file database and all managed by ourselves.

For this specific command, all the flags you have available (except "config" for the configuration file), can be given either through environment variables or configuration files.

If you don't set "config", it will look for a configuration file called .filebrowser.{json, toml, yaml, yml} in the following directories:

  • ./
  • $HOME/
  • /etc/filebrowser/

The precedence of the configuration values are as follows:

  • flags
  • environment variables
  • configuration file
  • database values
  • defaults

The environment variables are prefixed by "FB_" followed by the option name in caps. So to set "database" via an env variable, you should set FB_DATABASE.

Also, if the database path doesn't exist, File Browser will enter into the quick setup mode and a new database will be bootstraped and a new user created with the credentials from options "username" and "password".

filebrowser [flags]


Name Shorthand Usage
address a address to listen on
baseurl b base url
cert t tls certificate
config c config file path
database d database path
help h help for filebrowser
key k tls key
log l log output
noauth use the noauth auther when using quick setup
password hashed password for the first user when using quick config (default "admin")
port p port to listen on
root r root to prepend to relative paths
username username for the first user when using quick config