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Upgrade from 1.x

The newer version doesn't have obligatory a configuration file and a database. We now only have a database and a powerful command line to interact with it. Although, most options can be changed through the web interface.

You can keep using a configuration file for the options described by the main command. To import from a previous version, please run:

filebrowser upgrade --database=/path/to/new.db \
    --old.database=/path/to/1.x.db \

You don't necessarily need to indicate the old.config path. If you don't, we'll use the defaults we had for each option in the previous version.

{% hint style="danger" %} Notice that this command won't import the shareable links because they are incompatible with the new version. In the previous version, if a user wasn't allowed to go to /path/foo but they had permissions to access /path then, by sharing or downloading the directory, they would have access to /path/foo so we needed to change the internal structure of shareable links to fix this issue. {% endhint %}

Now that you have the new database up and running, please check if the config looks good for you and if the users also look good via the following commands:

filebrowser -d=/path/to.db config cat
filebrowser -d=/path/to.db users ls

To run your server, just:

filebrowser -d=/path/to.db