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Welcome to the Filecoin community repository! You can treat this repo as your go-to for all meta, non-code discussions (in the issues), documents used by multiple repositories (such as the Contributing guidelines), and how to interact with the Filecoin project and other community members.

NOTE: If you are interested in discussing code or protocol design, you can also open issues in specific repositories (like go-filecoin, rust-proofs, and specs), and/or come talk to us on our discussion forum and chat channels.


The vast majority of the Filecoin Project conversations are held on:

We are generally pretty responsive during normal business hours, which differ according to our timezones. We try to respond on the order of hours for questions posted to our chat channels, and on the order of days for questions on our community forum, although this is not a hard and fast rule! GitHub issues get prioritized every day or every other day, depending on the workflow of the team maintaining the repo.

We also push updates to the community via:

Before posting to different communications channels, make sure to read the Code of Conduct.

Community forum

You can use the community forum to ask most types of questions, e.g. specific install errors, protocol design questions, and so on. If you have a question, you can check out the forums to see if it has already been answered there, and post a new topic if not. As mentioned above, the Filecoin project community tends to be pretty responsive on the forum, responding within a few days at the latest.


You can join the conversation on chat via Matrix, IRC, and Slack. Most of our primary chat channels, such as #dev, #proofs, and #chat, are bridged across Matrix, IRC, and Slack:

Note that you can generally think of the above options as interchangeable. Note, however, that some channels may not be bridged across chat spaces. Our current list of bridged chat channels are:

  • #fil-lobby: General chat and conversation 👋
  • #fil-help: Help and usage questions
  • #fil-dev: For contributing to the Filecoin codebases
  • #fil-proofs: For contributing to Filecoin proofs
  • #fil-mining: For chatting about anything related to mining, including troubleshooting, questions and general discussion
  • #fil-research: Chat about Filecoin research
  • #fil-devex-docs: Talk about developer experience, docs, and CLI

GitHub issues

If you find something puzzling or encounter a straight-up bug in any of our repositories, please file a well-scoped issue. The issue lists for our most active repositories are below:

If a repo has a Contributing Guide, please read it before filing an issue!

Security issues and disclosures

Almost anything you find that is a bug in the codebase should be filed as an issue. The exception is if you find a security vulnerability. The Filecoin protocol is still under heavy development. This means that there may be problems in our protocol design or implementations. Though Filecoin is not yet production-ready, many people are already running nodes on their machines. So we take security vulnerabilities very seriously! If you discover a security issue, please bring it to our attention right away!

If you find a security vulnerability, please send your report privately to Please DO NOT file a public issue.

If the issue is a protocol weakness that cannot be immediately exploited or has not yet been deployed, just discuss it openly.


You can add our Google Calendar (Coming Soon) to keep track of events (meetups, hackathons, etc.) hosted by the Filecoin Project.

You can also propose meetups or see meetups scheduled by other community members as issues (labeled with the meetup tag) on this repo here.

Contributing Guidelines

We use a common Code of Conduct across all of our repos:

Each repo should have its own contributing guide, called Here is an example Contributing Guide for go-filecoin.


The Filecoin Project is dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 and MIT terms:

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