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Find file Copy path
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package api
import (
type Permission = string
type Common interface {
// Auth
AuthVerify(ctx context.Context, token string) ([]Permission, error)
AuthNew(ctx context.Context, perms []Permission) ([]byte, error)
// network
NetConnectedness(context.Context, peer.ID) (network.Connectedness, error)
NetPeers(context.Context) ([]peer.AddrInfo, error)
NetConnect(context.Context, peer.AddrInfo) error
NetAddrsListen(context.Context) (peer.AddrInfo, error)
NetDisconnect(context.Context, peer.ID) error
// ID returns peerID of libp2p node backing this API
ID(context.Context) (peer.ID, error)
// Version provides information about API provider
Version(context.Context) (Version, error)
LogList(context.Context) ([]string, error)
LogSetLevel(context.Context, string, string) error
// Version provides various build-time information
type Version struct {
Version string
// APIVersion is a binary encoded semver version of the remote implementing
// this api
// See APIVersion in build/version.go
APIVersion build.Version
// TODO: git commit / os / genesis cid?
// Seconds
BlockDelay uint64
func (v Version) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%s+api%s", v.Version, v.APIVersion.String())
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