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package api
import (
// alias because cbor-gen doesn't like non-alias types
type SectorState = uint64
const (
UndefinedSectorState SectorState = iota
// happy path
Packing // sector not in sealStore, and not on chain
Unsealed // sealing / queued
PreCommitting // on chain pre-commit
WaitSeed // waiting for seed
CommitWait // waiting for message to land on chain
_ // reserved
// recovery handling
// Reseal
// error modes
Faulty // sector is corrupted or gone for some reason
FaultReported // sector has been declared as a fault on chain
FaultedFinal // fault declared on chain
var SectorStates = []string{
UndefinedSectorState: "UndefinedSectorState",
Empty: "Empty",
Packing: "Packing",
Unsealed: "Unsealed",
PreCommitting: "PreCommitting",
WaitSeed: "WaitSeed",
Committing: "Committing",
CommitWait: "CommitWait",
FinalizeSector: "FinalizeSector",
Proving: "Proving",
SealFailed: "SealFailed",
PreCommitFailed: "PreCommitFailed",
SealCommitFailed: "SealCommitFailed",
CommitFailed: "CommitFailed",
PackingFailed: "PackingFailed",
FailedUnrecoverable: "FailedUnrecoverable",
Faulty: "Faulty",
FaultReported: "FaultReported",
FaultedFinal: "FaultedFinal",
// StorageMiner is a low-level interface to the Filecoin network storage miner node
type StorageMiner interface {
ActorAddress(context.Context) (address.Address, error)
ActorSectorSize(context.Context, address.Address) (uint64, error)
// Temp api for testing
PledgeSector(context.Context) error
// Get the status of a given sector by ID
SectorsStatus(context.Context, uint64) (SectorInfo, error)
// List all staged sectors
SectorsList(context.Context) ([]uint64, error)
SectorsRefs(context.Context) (map[string][]SealedRef, error)
SectorsUpdate(context.Context, uint64, SectorState) error
WorkerStats(context.Context) (sectorbuilder.WorkerStats, error)
// WorkerQueue registers a remote worker
WorkerQueue(context.Context, sectorbuilder.WorkerCfg) (<-chan sectorbuilder.WorkerTask, error)
WorkerDone(ctx context.Context, task uint64, res sectorbuilder.SealRes) error
type SectorLog struct {
Kind string
Timestamp uint64
Trace string
Message string
type SectorInfo struct {
SectorID uint64
State SectorState
CommD []byte
CommR []byte
Proof []byte
Deals []uint64
Ticket sectorbuilder.SealTicket
Seed sectorbuilder.SealSeed
Retries uint64
LastErr string
Log []SectorLog
type SealedRef struct {
SectorID uint64
Offset uint64
Size uint64
type SealedRefs struct {
Refs []SealedRef
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