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Lotus-bench results thread #694

whyrusleeping opened this issue Dec 2, 2019 · 9 comments

Lotus-bench results thread #694

whyrusleeping opened this issue Dec 2, 2019 · 9 comments


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@whyrusleeping whyrusleeping commented Dec 2, 2019

I'm opening up this issue so everyone has a place to share their lotus-bench results.
Currently (as of writing, 12/02) lotus-bench hasnt merged to master, and is only on the feat/election-post branch.

To best help us, run four tests:

lotus-bench --sector-size=1024
lotus-bench --sector-size=1024 --no-gpu
lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824
lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824 --no-gpu

Additionally, please tell us what CPU, GPU, and memory (including speed) you have in your setup.


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@travisperson travisperson commented Dec 2, 2019

CPU 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6126 CPU @ 2.60GHz
GPU 2x Nvidia V100 32GB GPU w/NVLINK
MEM 192GiB 2666 MHz (12x16GiB)

lotus-bench --sector-size=1024

seal: addPiece: 11.620248ms
seal: preCommit: 2.243424076s
seal: Commit: 2m3.503776485s
seal: Verify: 11.693037ms
unseal: 4.087678ms
generate candidates: 20.364435ms
compute epost proof (cold): 31.620817841s
compute epost proof (hot): 3.684159135s
verify epost proof (cold): 2.371525451s
verify epost proof (hot): 7.8938ms

lotus-bench --sector-size=1024 --no-gpu

seal: addPiece: 6.926376ms
seal: preCommit: 2.213304213s
seal: Commit: 35.44733642s
seal: Verify: 12.499703ms
unseal: 1.089285ms
generate candidates: 3.56708ms
compute epost proof (cold): 6.486005861s
compute epost proof (hot): 4.565267155s
verify epost proof (cold): 26.787842ms
verify epost proof (hot): 7.733818ms

lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824

seal: addPiece: 29.192190747s
seal: preCommit: 7m38.378116012s
seal: Commit: 3m44.697973833s
seal: Verify: 13.865412ms
unseal: 3m1.526639394s
generate candidates: 297.375988ms
compute epost proof (cold): 21.087944616s
compute epost proof (hot): 11.951281188s
verify epost proof (cold): 28.992308ms
verify epost proof (hot): 8.719797ms

lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824 --no-gpu

seal: addPiece: 22.544204936s
seal: preCommit: 7m35.949962135s
seal: Commit: 2m37.990964966s
seal: Verify: 14.271373ms
unseal: 2m59.691077398s
generate candidates: 305.732253ms
compute epost proof (cold): 24.50506352s
compute epost proof (hot): 17.412500706s
verify epost proof (cold): 28.35164ms
verify epost proof (hot): 8.535268ms

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@ognots ognots commented Dec 3, 2019

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Eight Core 3.6GHz
GPU: 1 x GeForce RTX2080 Ti
Memory: 128GB (4x32GB) DDR4 3200MHz

+ ./bench --sector-size=1024
seal: addPiece: 1.663308ms
seal: preCommit: 1.51164938s
seal: Commit: 20.088106871s
seal: Verify: 9.280845ms
unseal: 1.279659ms
generate candidates: 2.249078ms
compute epost proof (cold): 3.760980223s
compute epost proof (hot): 2.764110554s
verify epost proof (cold): 26.232093ms
verify epost proof (hot): 5.790875ms

+ ./bench --sector-size=1024 --no-gpu
seal: addPiece: 1.279009ms
seal: preCommit: 1.492632089s
seal: Commit: 28.801329394s
seal: Verify: 9.337817ms
unseal: 1.306208ms
generate candidates: 2.325095ms
compute epost proof (cold): 5.528645641s
compute epost proof (hot): 4.597742407s
verify epost proof (cold): 21.764783ms
verify epost proof (hot): 5.953207ms

+ ./bench --sector-size=1073741824
seal: addPiece: 13.825803752s
seal: preCommit: 10m37.787958271s
seal: Commit: 1m27.129051272s
seal: Verify: 10.921905ms
unseal: 2m22.164121519s
generate candidates: 238.880138ms
compute epost proof (cold): 15.085562633s
compute epost proof (hot): 10.993658724s
verify epost proof (cold): 27.095624ms
verify epost proof (hot): 6.863483ms

+ ./bench --sector-size=1073741824 --no-gpu
seal: addPiece: 13.885162145s
seal: preCommit: 10m38.88102382s
seal: Commit: 2m16.16202702s
seal: Verify: 10.76658ms
unseal: 2m21.980007219s
generate candidates: 238.578401ms
compute epost proof (cold): 22.004852952s
compute epost proof (hot): 17.930809421s
verify epost proof (cold): 26.186732ms
verify epost proof (hot): 6.942566ms

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@lanzafame lanzafame commented Dec 3, 2019

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 Core @ 3.8GHz
GPU: 1 x NVIDIA Titian RTX
RAM: 128GiB (4x32GB) DDR4 2400MHz

+ lotus-bench --sector-size=1024
seal: addPiece: 3.847376ms
seal: preCommit: 1.515891077s
seal: Commit: 1m43.439459927s
seal: Verify: 9.439914ms
unseal: 1.543184ms
generate candidates: 2.331201ms
compute epost proof (cold): 4.128240675s
compute epost proof (hot): 3.140487844s
verify epost proof (cold): 45.221257ms
verify epost proof (hot): 13.256782ms

# GPU Multiexp enabled
+ BELLMAN_CUSTOM_GPU="TITAN RTX:4608" lotus-bench --sector-size=1024
seal: addPiece: 1.55925ms
seal: preCommit: 2.047815203s
seal: Commit: 20.129760583s
seal: Verify: 10.02165ms
unseal: 882.289µs
generate candidates: 2.28788ms
compute epost proof (cold): 3.916374938s
compute epost proof (hot): 2.792513923s
verify epost proof (cold): 22.991097ms
verify epost proof (hot): 6.258359ms

+ lotus-bench --sector-size=1024 --no-gpu
seal: addPiece: 2.905419ms
seal: preCommit: 1.491340646s
seal: Commit: 25.326885349s
seal: Verify: 9.368941ms
unseal: 1.450991ms
generate candidates: 2.307226ms
compute epost proof (cold): 5.038705059s
compute epost proof (hot): 3.993314492s
verify epost proof (cold): 21.619315ms
verify epost proof (hot): 5.83826ms

+ lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824
seal: addPiece: 13.589372247s
seal: preCommit: 7m57.15932456s
seal: Commit: 1m26.553521817s
seal: Verify: 10.926451ms
unseal: 2m24.380257516s
generate candidates: 242.465142ms
compute epost proof (cold): 15.903259374s
compute epost proof (hot): 11.344593697s
verify epost proof (cold): 23.223645ms
verify epost proof (hot): 7.104863ms

# GPU Multiexp enabled
+ BELLMAN_CUSTOM_GPU="TITAN RTX:4608" lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824
seal: addPiece: 15.145787264s
seal: preCommit: 7m1.442047541s
seal: Commit: 1m33.278613347s
seal: Verify: 11.555449ms
unseal: 2m24.378935697s
generate candidates: 253.582409ms
compute epost proof (cold): 15.830011392s
compute epost proof (hot): 11.250820184s
verify epost proof (cold): 24.938697ms
verify epost proof (hot): 7.616369ms

+ lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824 --no-gpu
seal: addPiece: 14.099829484s
seal: preCommit: 8m0.735166891s
seal: Commit: 1m59.327913974s
seal: Verify: 11.095199ms
unseal: 2m24.732075489s
generate candidates: 244.662733ms
compute epost proof (cold): 19.591757261s
compute epost proof (hot): 15.312450726s
verify epost proof (cold): 23.085013ms
verify epost proof (hot): 7.069199ms

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@lanzafame lanzafame commented Dec 4, 2019

@whyrusleeping @dignifiedquire I don't think my or @travisperson's GPU is being fully utilised in comparison to @ognots.... Is there a list of supported GPUs?


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@yaohcn yaohcn commented Dec 4, 2019

CPU: 2 x e5-2683v4 16 Core @2.1GHz
GPU: 1 x GeForce RTX2080 Ti
Memory: 128GB (8x16GB) DDR4 2133MHz

./lotus-bench --sector-size=1024
seal: addPiece: 9.843031ms
seal: preCommit: 2.972050621s
seal: Commit: 2m21.374472833s
seal: Verify: 21.369706ms
unseal: 3.898201ms
generate candidates: 7.960092ms
compute epost proof (cold): 6.708778393s
compute epost proof (hot): 3.793623962s
verify epost proof (cold): 59.856264ms
verify epost proof (hot): 13.32452ms
./lotus-bench --sector-size=1024 --no-gpu
seal: addPiece: 9.552896ms
seal: preCommit: 2.959887335s
seal: Commit: 45.458702086s
seal: Verify: 16.753696ms
unseal: 2.476486ms
generate candidates: 8.449486ms
compute epost proof (cold): 8.158349266s
compute epost proof (hot): 5.356068582s
verify epost proof (cold): 39.296774ms
verify epost proof (hot): 10.211861ms
./lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824
seal: addPiece: 36.627899757s
seal: preCommit: 7m41.244783043s
seal: Commit: 2m36.815009253s
seal: Verify: 17.134054ms
unseal: 3m40.120001716s
generate candidates: 391.302009ms
compute epost proof (cold): 25.800827911s
compute epost proof (hot): 14.603479327s
verify epost proof (cold): 56.444171ms
verify epost proof (hot): 15.427685ms
./lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824 --no-gpu
seal: addPiece: 36.645225955s
seal: preCommit: 7m40.569804551s
seal: Commit: 3m37.32404618s
seal: Verify: 17.109791ms
unseal: 3m45.309666427s
generate candidates: 385.503768ms
compute epost proof (cold): 31.911925277s
compute epost proof (hot): 21.020045524s
verify epost proof (cold): 39.395059ms
verify epost proof (hot): 10.956021ms

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@szdengbw szdengbw commented Dec 5, 2019

CPU: Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 @ 2.00GHz 16 Core
MEM: 32G
GPU: 1080Ti

lotus-bench --sector-size=268435456

seal: addPiece: 14.886603449s
seal: preCommit: 8m35.522012851s
seal: Commit: 2m36.363156011s
seal: Verify: 31.704902ms
unseal: 2m29.118996501s
generate candidates: 236.8524ms
compute epost proof (cold): 43.015052108s
compute epost proof (hot): 24.594429797s
verify epost proof (cold): 67.515871ms
verify epost proof (hot): 20.679461ms

lotus-bench --sector-size=1073741824
seal: addPiece: 59.983336982s
seal: preCommit: 31m3.996450371s
seal: Commit: 4m43.29275484s
seal: Verify: 33.337891ms
unseal: 8m1.640485317s
generate candidates: 1.188518752s
compute epost proof (cold): 51.176600282s
compute epost proof (hot): 26.934913699s
verify epost proof (cold): 67.639543ms
verify epost proof (hot): 20.873859ms


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@12031050 12031050 commented Dec 7, 2019

CPU:Xeon(R)CPU E5-2665 @ 2.40GHz 16核心


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@earringsama earringsama commented Dec 10, 2019

hi why , This is my test data~ hope It is useful!



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@magik6k magik6k commented Dec 10, 2019

New thread for v20 parameters - #839

@magik6k magik6k closed this Dec 10, 2019
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