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Internal: Team Expectations #126

jimmylee opened this issue Jul 29, 2020 · 0 comments

Internal: Team Expectations #126

jimmylee opened this issue Jul 29, 2020 · 0 comments


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jimmylee commented Jul 29, 2020


Slate is one of the first Filecoin Clients and I am very very excited to work on it with you. The core team today consists of: @martinalong, @harisbutt, @jasonleyser, @gndclouds, and @tarafanlin.

We are supported by contributors who are very much responsible for our success: @pooja, @asutula, @andrewxhill, @jsign, @akuokojnr and many others.

I have a strong belief that Slate will become useful for many internet denizens. Slate will introduce people to meaningful use cases of the Filecoin Network. And there is no reason why it can't have a killer experience! Slate will become a research tool that people can use in any workflow.

Well Jim, what does that look like?

  • Send Filecoin, make Filecoin Storage Deals to contribute to the world's open data storage (contributions of large data sets where the size could be as big as 1pb!).
  • Use free storage for smaller files (perfect for photos under 5mb).
  • Collecting bird sounds (audio).
  • Sharing cake photos (images).
  • Working on a Slate together to find the perfect photo of a castle in Ireland (multiplayer Slate collaboration experience).
  • Between your friends, making a Slate for dinner's you have made together (iPhone photos added to your shared Slate).
  • Photos of every single application ever made because you and your startup team want to make the next big hit (screenshots added to a private Slate).
  • Delivering the wedding photos you took professionally over a private Slate (high res photos, bundles larger than 5gb).
  • Making retrieval deals from other people in your friend's list. (Slate's social, with friend requests and shared deals list)
  • Archiving all of your secret photos of the world's caves and putting it on the Filecoin Network so an oil company can't seize it and make it unavailable to anyone. (something like 1 PB in collaboration with 10 universities).
  • Take offline photos on your machine during your exploration of Iceland and sync them with a Slate when you get back online. (offline client)
  • et cetera

Our team will...

  • Grow with the product and learn from our users.
  • Make mistakes together. No wrong answers! When you stumble you learn!
  • Deliver a system & product we can all be proud of.

Expectations: Core Contributors

All of our process is performed in the open. The only internal tools we use are Slack and Figma.

I expect all core contributors to try to deliver one meaningful contribution a week. As long as an issue is associated with the task, it counts!



  • You should check Slack a few times each day. Luckily there are only two channels you should be active in, #fil-slate and #fil-slate-team.
  • Jim should I share updates? And where?
    • #fil-slate
    • I welcome updates! We have 60+ people in our Slack group and a great place to get feedback.
    • Feel free to tell people to join if you want them part of the channel.
  • Jim I need confirmation... Where do we discuss alignment?
    • In #fil-slate-team
    • Some thrash on alignment is always okay, we want a transparent culture.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Hosted by @martinalong)
    • Daily Prompt (10AM), answer in #fil-slate
      • Do you have any discussion you would like to have?
      • What are you working on?
      • What do you want to work on next?


  • Alright Jim, how are you organizing the work?
  • You've assigned me an issue, what does that mean?
    • It is an open discussion first and foremost.
    • You should raise questions & concerns immediately.
      • You are welcome to bring in anyone into the discussion.
      • We will always push to a good resolution.
    • If the issue has a milestone associated with it, it must be done by the milestone due date.
      • Punting later isn't great, but it happens 🤷 .
      • At times if something critical comes up, some issues will become high priority. Adjustments are normal for early stage products.

Expectations: Contributors

I am just happy you are here :) Thank you.


  • If you're sending a PR, the format must be in @username/what-you-are-doing.
  • Always assign me (@jimmylee) to review your PR.
  • I will not accept any PRs that have messy commit trees or duplicate commits. You have been warned.
  • Should I always rebase?
    • Yes, we are a small team and you should always rebase. Happy to discuss why.
  • What if I want to do something I want?
  • Can I force push changes?

Questions? Want something changed?

Just ask! Thank you so much for your time.

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