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The Filecoin protocol specification
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Filecoin Specification


This is the Filecoin Specification, a repository that contains documents, code, models, and diagrams that constitute the specification of the Filecoin Protocol. This repository is the singular source of truth for the Filecoin Protocol. All implementations of the Filecoin Protocol should match and comply with the descriptions, interfaces, code, and models defined in this specification.

View Website

You can view and explore the Filecoin Specification via its website rendering. You do not need to download and work with this repository.


Please read the spec process. Please file PRs on github with fixes.



git clone filecoin-specs
cd filecoin-specs
make deps-basic


make build


make serve

This will write out an HTTP address to check out with your browser. Most likely: http://localhost:1313


make website


Install dependencies for digram making

make deps-diag

Render diagrams

make diagrams

Make sure to check in your rendered output (*.dot.svg and *.mmd.svg) so that others dont need to install diagram building deps.

Orient and Org mode

Install dependencies for org mode and orient

make deps-orient

Without these, you won't be able to compile .org files, and they may be missing from the document output.


Build System Overview

Given the complexity of the protocol, a build system is introduced to leverage the power of modern programs and improve understanding, efficiency, consistency, and velocity of Filecoin spec development. The Filecoin spec is organized into subcomponents as defined in src/ with high-level and introductory sections in Introduction and Algorithmns, detailed spec on different Filecoin systems in Systems, followed by Listings, Glossary, and Appendix.

For every subsystem in the Filecoin spec, it must always have a markdown file that specifies the component. Wherever possible and necessary, an .id file should be included to automatically generate compiled .go files that can be tested to ensure build consistency and served from hugo. Similarly, contributors should include an .orient file that describes mathematical constraints in a component of the system. Orient, a language created to write constraints and models about the system, is used to perform ubercalc and generate artifacts about the system. To facilitate in line code display, an .org file can also be included to interweave output from ubercalc and markdown.

System Overview

Detailed Build Usage

> make help
  make -- filecoin spec build toolchain commands

  make deps-basic  run this once, to install & build basic dependencies
  make build       run this every time you want to re-build artifacts

  make help        description of the targets (this message)
  make build       build all final artifacts (website only for now)
  make test        run all test cases (test-code only for now)
  make drafts      publish artifacts to ipfs and show an address
  make publish     publish final artifacts to spec website (github pages)
  make clean       removes all build artifacts. you shouldn't need this
  make serve       start hugo in serving mode -- must run 'make build' on changes manually

  make deps        install ALL dependencies of this tool chain
  make deps-basic  install minimal dependencies of this tool chain
  make deps-diag   install dependencies for rendering diagrams
  make deps-orient install dependencies for running orient
  make deps-ouser  install dependencies for orient user-environment tooling
  make bins        compile some build tools whose source is in this repo

  make website     build the website artifact
  make diagrams    build diagram artifacts ({dot, mmd} -> svg)
  make org2md      run org mode to markdown compilation

  make hugo-src    copy sources into hugo dir
  make build-hugo  run the hugo part of the pipeline
  make watch-hugo  watch and rebuild hugo

  make gen-code    generate code artifacts (eg id -> go)
  make test-code   run test cases in code artifacts
  make build-code  build all src go code (test it)
  make clean-code  remove build code artifacts
  make watch-code  watch and rebuild code

  make clean       remove all build artifacts
  make clean-deps  remove (some of) the dependencies installed in this repo
  make clean-hugo  remove intermediate hugo artifacts
  make clean-code  remove build code artifacts

  make serve-and-watch -j2  serve, watch, and rebuild all - works for live edit
  make watch-code           watch and rebuild code
  make watch-hugo           watch and rebuild hugo
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