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This repository has been archived by the owner on Aug 23, 2021. It is now read-only.


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Filecoin Browser-based Retrieval Market


This repository is in a frozen state. It is not being maintained or kept in sync with the tools and libraries it builds on. Even though work on this repository has been shelved, anyone interested in updating or maintaining this project should express their interest on one Filecoin community conversation mediums:

The Filecoin Browser Retrieval Market is a browser-based p2p network that functions like a CDN for content that was originally retrieved from the Filecoin storage network.

Users seeking content can use this tool to retrieve files from a marketplace of competing providers of Filecoin content. Retrieval miners who seek to earn income can use this tool to buy content from miners on the Filecoin storage network and then re-sell it here on the Retrieval Market.

This tool is currently alpha software. It can perform the functions described above, albeit with some limitations. Get in touch if you'd like to get involved with continuing to develop it.


You'll need yarn installed.

git clone this repo, and then

git checkout 0.2.0       # or latest tagged release
yarn build

Developing, Testing and Deploying


To start the app in development mode use the script yarn start. It'll start a dev server on the PORT=# in your .env file or port 3000 if nothing is specified. Changes in code will cause the application to reload automatically, but be aware that some changes might cause peers to disconnect, in that case you'll have to reload the page manually.

Unit tests

Run yarn test

e2e tests

You must have the app running beforehand (ex: yarn start). Then run yarn e2e.


Deploys are configured to happen automatically via Git Actions whenever code is merged or changed in master branch.

Development Status

Caveat: This is alpha-stage software. There are bugs and you can lose money. Do not test with a wallet containing > 0.5 FIL.

Our roadmap is best visualized by installing Zenhub and then viewing the project's Zenhub board.


The project is very welcoming to new contributors. If you're looking for something to work on, pick up an issue or propose a new feature you would like to add.


Dual-licensed under MIT + Apache 2.0