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Jekyll Bootstrap Blank

All I wanted was a plain Jekyll template with Bootstrap. No extra themeing system or plugins or other magic going on. It should be so simple, yet it wasn't there. So I made it.

Things to change

  • replace occurences of LATER in any file
  • point CNAME to your domain name
  • replace favicon.ico and favicon.svg with your logo (and update the css in /_includes/meta.html if necessary)
  • remove UNLICENSE.txt and add the appropriate LICENSE.txt (or not!)
  • change the links in /_includes/navbar.html to reflect your website structure
  • update the _data/credits.yaml file to include the tech you are using


I set the default layout to default, so if you have a page that has front matter but should not get the standard template, you need to specify the none layout (see robots.txt for an example).

All pages go into the sitemap.xml file unless they have noindex: true in the front matter.


See the credits page!

To Do

  • github repo name in _config.yaml, use it in footer.html
  • use javascript to show typed URL in 404.html
  • log 404s to Google Analytics