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Old website, tickets, etc from the assembla hosting

The tickets are saved in the tickets subdir. There are two main exports in there "all" and "all-with-custom". It seems that for XML export the explicit selection of all custom fields is not needed as the two XML files are the same byte size. Though they do differ with md5 and diff command.

The all.csv file contains all fields other than the custom ones. all-with-custom also contains all the custom fields (around 4 of them). Note that the csv files are saved mainly for completeness as the description is multi lined and the csv files exported from assembla lack explicit field quotes so will likely be hard to directly use in programs.

The goal of these ticket exports is completeness. I am happy to merge html conversions of this data into the repository at a later date.

The wiki subdirectory contains the source, complete html save including resources, and two pdf exports for each page. The source is in foo.md and can be HTML, markdown, or a strange mixture of both. The complete HTML save was done in Firefox and is considered the golden source. It is the page viewed as it the site delivered it at September 2017 from Assembla. The two pdf exports are secondary exports and are performed by printing the page in Firefox and as a PDF export from assembla. The Assembla pdf exports are in the wiki/pdf subdirectory. The Firefox page prints are in foo.pdf alongside the source and html save as foo.html.

For simple reference foo.md -- source foo.html -- complete web page save foo_files -- assets used by foo.html foo.pdf -- web page print from Firefox pdf/something-like-foo.pdf -- pdf produced by Assembla.

foo.md is the source, and foo.html is the golden rendering. The wiki is designed to be consumed in the browser so the HTML rendering is the primary rendering.