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Release Version 2.0 beta 1

Release date: 19-July-2017.


Source snapshots are attached to this announcement and the git branch filesender-2.0-beta1 contains the base that these snapshots were created from.


Documentation is available at

Upgrade Notes

Version 2.0 breaks compatibility with version 1.x. We recommend to There are currently no detailed upgrade
notes for version 2.0 available.

Security audits

Since the 2.0-alpha1 code has been put through a separate external code security audit:

  • Executed by Radically Open Security

Some issues surfaced and they have where relevant been addressed.

Major changes since 2.0 alpha

Version 2.0 is a new baseline release. Much of the code base was rewritten, a new database design adopted, many configuration directives have been added and existing directives changed.

There is now support for secondary indexes in both database backends. There is also initial movement to greater resilience to 4 byte character encodings and index implementations in MySQL implementations.

Guest implementation has been tested. Specifically how the UI presents itself given various default options in the configuration and situations that are confusing or do not allow the guest to easily progress have been addressed.

The about and help text are now pages instead of dialogs in the web UI. There is also a new provision for sites to present custom content for these pages in specific languages where FileSender updates will not override that content.

Support and Feedback

See Support and Mailinglists and Feature requests.

A new label "release2.0beta1" has been created to specifically track issues relating to this release. Please attach that label when reporting issues that relate to this beta. Current known issues can be seen at