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@monkeyiq monkeyiq released this Nov 4, 2019 · 22 commits to master since this release

Release Version 2.11

Release date: 4 Nov 2019.


Source snapshots are attached to this announcement and the git tag filesender-2.11 contains the base that these snapshots were created from.


Documentation is available at

Upgrade Notes

Version 2.x breaks compatibility with version 1.x. We recommend a fresh installation to version 2.x of FileSender.

Major changes since 2.10

Execution of scripts/upgrade/database.php is not needed.
No files in the templates directory were updated.

Cryptographic keys are now cached and reused for all FileSender chunks in an upload and download. This will have a larger performance improvement for more secure user supplied password handling where the security is partially based on the time required to convert a password into a key, for example, using very high PBKDF2 hash iteration values. See #671 for details on the caching.

Improved handling of listing that include both GCM and CBC files on the same page, for example the my transfers page.

If an encrypted file has disappeared from the back end storage and a user tries to download the file a message the the file is not found is shown instead of 'bad password' which may have lead a user to frustration trying passwords many times for such files.

Configuration changes


Support and Feedback

Please lodge new github issues for things that might improve the next release!
See Support and Mailinglists and Feature requests.

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