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use Filestack\FilestackClient;
use Filestack\FilestackSecurity;
use Filestack\Filelink;
use Filestack\FilestackException;
$test_api_key = 'YOUR_FILESTACK_API_KEY';
$security = new FilestackSecurity($test_secret);
$client = new FilestackClient($test_api_key, $security);
$file_handle = 'bzjSo5gAT76ra25sjk4c';
# get sfw flag with client
$result_json = $client->getSafeForWork($file_handle);
# get sfw flag with filelink
$filelink = new Filelink($file_handle,
$test_api_key, $security);
$json_result = $filelink->getSafeForWork();
# example json result
"sfw": true
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