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WiiCraft, is a DEAD Homebrew project for the Nintendo Wii.
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blocks Added Homebrew channel appdata Nov 5, 2014
font First Mar 15, 2014
include Update main.h Nov 14, 2014
libogc Replaced code with the old GRRLIB version from late 2012. Oct 28, 2014
source Update gamemanger.cpp Nov 16, 2014
.gitattributes Made code more efficient and a lot ligher. Oct 29, 2014
.gitignore Fixed mistakes. Oct 29, 2014 Updated the sky's colour to matchs 3DSCraft's one. Nov 5, 2014
LICENSE.txt Update LICENSE.txt Aug 18, 2018
Makefile Update Makefile Nov 11, 2014 Update Aug 18, 2018
compile.bat Update compile.bat Nov 11, 2014


WiiCraft is a really old learning project made in my youth. It doesn't reflect my current abilities what-so-ever and only serves as a documentation.