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Ruby wrapper for 7digital API

This is a ruby wrapper for the 7digital API.

About 7digital

7digital.com is an online music store operating in over 30 countries and offering more than 20 million high quality DRM free MP3s (320kbps) from all major labels and wide range of idependent labels and distributors. 7digital API will give you access to the full catalogue including high quality album art, 30s preview clips for all tracks, commissions on sales, integrated purchasing and full length streaming. More details at developer.7digital.net


gem install 7digital

Quick start example

require “sevendigital”

api_client = Sevendigital::Client.new(:oauth_consumer_key => “YOUR_KEY_HERE”, :country => “GB”)

an_artist = api_client.artist.search(“radiohead”).first

a_release = an_artist.releases(:page_size=>100).sort_by{|release| release.year}.last

puts “the latest #{an_artist.name} release is #{a_release.title} from #{a_release.year}”

puts “go and buy it at #{a_release.url} !”

Usage details

Initializing & configuring an API Client

To use the wrapper and access the 7digital API you need a configured instance of Sevendigital::Client. Create one using the standard new method:

client = Sevendigital::Client.new

This will get you an API client configured with default settings. At very least before making any API calls you will need to update the configuration with your own API key. You can adjust the client's configuration in several ways:

  1. In Rails app you can put sevendigital.yml inside your app's config dir and this will be automatically picked up (for a template please see the examples directory)

  2. You can provide a custom location of configuration file when instantiating a client

client = Sevendigital::Client.new(“dir/subdir/my_7d_configuration.yml”)

  1. You can supply a hash of configuration settings when instantiating a client

client = Sevendigital::Client.new(:oauth_consumer_key => “YOUR_KEY_HERE”, :country => “GB”)

  1. You can update the configuration in block whilst instantiating a client

client = Sevendigital::Client.new { |config| config.oauth_consumer_key => “YOUR_KEY_HERE” config.verbose => true }

You can also combine all of the above (if the same setting is specified multiple times the last one will be applied) An extreme example:

client = Sevendigital::Client.new(“7digital_default_settings.yml”, :oauth_consumer_key => “MY_OTHER_KEY”) { |conf| conf.country = “SE” conf.oauth_consumer_key = “ACTUALLY_USE_THIS_KEY” }

Using the client

List of all available API methods and their return types

Provided by Sevendigital::ArtistManager :

client.artist.get_details(artist_id, options={}) => Sevendigital::Artist

client.artist.get_releases(artist_id, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Release ]

client.artist.get_similar(artist_id, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Artist ]

client.artist.get_top_by_tag(tags, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Artist ]

client.artist.get_top_tracks(artist_id, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Track ]

client.artist.search(query, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Artist ]

Provided by Sevendigital::ReleaseManager :

client.release.get_details(release_id, options = {}) => Sevendigital::Release

client.release.get_tracks(release_id, options = {}) => [ Sevendigital::Track ]

client.release.get_chart(options={}) => [ Sevendigital::ChartItem ]

client.release.get_by_date(from_date = nil, to_date = nil, options = {}) => [ Sevendigital::Release ]

client.release.get_recommendations(release_id, options = {}) => [ Sevendigital::Release ]

client.release.get_top_by_tag(tags, options = {}) => [ Sevendigital::Release ]

client.release.search(query, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Release ]

client.track.get_details(id, options={}) => Sevendigital::Track

client.track.get_details_from_release(track_id, release_id, options={}) => Sevendigital::Track

client.track.get_chart(options={}) => [ Sevendigital::ChartItem ]

client.track.build_preview_url(id, options={}) => String

client.track.search(query, options={}) => [ Sevendigital::Track ]

client.basket.get(basket_id, options={}) => Sevendigital::Basket

client.basket.create(options={}) => Sevendigital::Basket

client.basket.add_item(basket_id, release_id, track_id=nil, options={}) => Sevendigital::Basket

client.basket.remove_item(basket_id, item_id, options={}) => Sevendigital::Basket

client.oauth.get_request_token => OAuth::RequestToken

client.oauth.get_access_token(request_token) => OAuth::AccessToken

client.user.login(access_token) => Sevendigital::User

client.user.authenticate(email, password) => Sevendigital::User

client.user.get_locker(token, options={}) => Sevendgital::Locker

client.user.purchase(release_id, track_id, price, token, options={}) => Sevendgital::Locker

client.user.get_stream_track_url(release_id, track_id, token, options={}) => String

client.user.get_add_card_url(return_url, token, options={}) => String