A Trac plugin to export wiki pages as docbook documents.
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A Trac plugin to export wiki pages as docbook documents.

This plugin used to lived at http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/Page2DocbookPlugin

That is still where to get the latest egg (0.6.3).


This plugin was tested with Trac versions 0.10, 0.11 and 0.12. Please ensure the following python modules are installed before installing this plugin:

  • python-uTidyLib (note: if you're using a 64bit OS, you may need this fork, or more specifically, this this patch).
  • python-libxml2
  • python-libxslt

Refer to the Trac plugin documentation for details on how to build and install plugins and macros.

After installing, a new alternative format should appear on the bottom of each wiki page, next to the "Plain Text" link.

Companion Script

There's a companion python script that retrieves all the docbook files for a given set of wiki pages. It saves the docbook files to the local computer, along with any attached image file, making them ready for processing with any other tool that receives docbook as input.

This script is currently mostly undocumented, but I believe it is simple enough to be easily understood.


This plugin was authored by Filipe Correia. Additional credits go to Oliver Steele for his html2db stylesheets.