A Google Chrome extension to find deceptive links.
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Link Me Not

Link me Not is a Google Chrome Extension that aims to locate and alert the user about deceptive links.

Current Version:


You can install it directly from Chrome Web Store following the link below:



User listen2 at Reddit came up with this UserScript based on the plugin source code available on GitHub. Feel free to install it if your browser supports. He tested it on Opera, but maybe it will Work on Firefox using the GreaseMonkey Add-on.

The UserScript is available here.

How it Works

  1. It will scan the page for every <a> element that starts with an http.
  2. It will check if the text is a URL (e.g. A link like http://imgur.com). If it is not a URL (e.g. go to Google!) the extension will ignore it.
  3. It will check if the text and the URL that the link points to are the same. If they are, the link is safe and the extension is done with it.
  4. If it's not, the extension will append the exclamation mark you can see in the screenshots below, alerting you that the link you're about to click does not point to where it claims it's pointing.


The Reddit thread that inspired the project

Some deceptive links in the same Reddit thread


  • Bug Fix: When a link would have a trailing slash and the text of it wouldn't, the plugin would detect it as a malicious link. This behavior has been corrected.
  • Ditched the jQuery dependency
  • Changed the regex based on the UserScript provided by listen2
  • Changed the Selector to match only links that begin with http so the extension is faster and use less resources
  • Implemented unescaped HTML check between URL and the text itself. Thanks again listen2 for this.
  • First Public Release

Things to do

  • Be smarter when finding links
  • Port Link me Not to Firefox (If you would like to help me with this, mail me)
  • Implement Google Safe Browse API service