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Fixing bug in package target.

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1 parent 7778613 commit abdd5f5941dbdbc53e071877180c015c2def0305 @ngerakines ngerakines committed May 12, 2009
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@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ clean:
rm -rfv rm ebin/*.beam test/src/*.beam test/ebin/*.beam conf/autom4te.cache conf/config.log conf/config.status conf/configure conf/
package: clean
- @mkdir sgte-$(VERSION)/ && cp -rf _build.cfg CHANGELOG conf/ doc/ Makefile src/ test/ sgte-$(VERSION)
+ @mkdir sgte-$(VERSION)/ && cp -rf _build.cfg CHANGELOG conf doc Makefile src test sgte-$(VERSION)
@COPYFILE_DISABLE=true tar zcf sgte-$(VERSION).tgz sgte-$(VERSION)
@rm -rf sgte-$(VERSION)/

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