syntactic sugar for $apply f var$ #3

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Add some syntactic to apply. E.g.
$apply upperCase$
might be written as:


I'd love to have that feature.


I'll try to work on it in the weekend or earlier if I can :-)


Great! I was also thinking about having additional parameters for these functions, like:

In this case the ```default/2``` function would take user's name as first argument and string as the second. Does this sound reasonable?

It's a good idea, but I think the second element should be another attribute to be passed when rendering the template.
Otherwise you have to distinguish all the various data types and there coud be problems identifying atoms from attributes.

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@filippo filippo added a commit that closed this issue Oct 16, 2011
@filippo fix #3 : $apply f val$ can be written $val:f$
apply at the moment accepts only one argument so also the ":" works with only one argument
@filippo filippo closed this in e1c6be3 Oct 16, 2011
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