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abh committed Oct 10, 2002
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+2002/10/09 - 0.11
+ Make a "queue" plugin hook and move the qmail-queue functionality
+ to plugins/queue/qmail-queue. This allows you to make qpsmtpd
+ delivery mail via smtp or lmtp or into a database or whatever you want.
Reorganize most of into Qpsmtpd/
Add spool_dir option (thanks to Ross Mueller <>)
Add plugin name to the "hooks" data structure, so we can log plugin
module had an error when we run a hook.
Make klez filter run for mails bigger than 220KB; they are sometimes
bigger than that.
Avoid "use of uninitialized variable" warning when the "MAIL" or the
"RCPT" command is executed without a parameter.
Compatibility with perl 5.5.3.
Fix "Could not print" error message in the TcpServer object. (Thanks
to Ross Mueller <>)
dnsbl plugin queues lookups in the background upon connect but
doesn't block for the results until they are needed, greatly
speeding up connection times. Also fix a typo in the dnsbl plugin

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