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Crypto Currency for PHP

A collection of common utilities and libraries in PHP for use with Bitcoin and Zetacoin compatable crypto currencies ustilizing the secp256k1 ECDSA curve. Full documentation and extended examples are avialable at:

The code may be messy and all over the place, but I'm still pulling things together as I merge this code base with items from the PHPECC codebase.

The current features include:

  • Private Key Generation and Loading
  • Public Address Print Out
  • Message Signing and Verification
  • Address Generation and Validation
  • Address compression, de-compression, encoding, and decoding.
  • Supports Arbitrary Address Prefixes

Currently, the following items are working

  • Base58
  • SECp256k1
  • PointMathGMP
  • AddressValidation
  • AddressCodec
  • PrivateKey
  • Signature
  • Wallet

Planned features include:

  • Transaction Generation
  • Transaction Signing



The current implementation requires PHP 5.5 or later and the php-gmp extension. Future version will automaticly detect and switch between GMP and BCMATH.

With Composer

The reccomended way to install this library is using Composer.

You need to include package psychob/crypto-currency in your composer.json:

$ composer require psychob/crypto-currency

You also need to include autoloader in your code and use PsychoB\CryptoCurrencyPHP namespace:


use PsychoB\CryptoCurrencyPHP\AddressCodec;
use PsychoB\CryptoCurrencyPHP\Wallet;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

Without Composer

You could also clone this repository and manually include all classes:


require 'src/Base58.class.php';
require 'src/SECp256k1.class.php';
require 'src/PointMathGMP.class.php';
require 'src/AddressCodec.class.php';
require 'src/AddressCodec.class.php';
require 'src/PrivateKey.class.php';
require 'src/Wallet.class.php';
require 'src/Signature.class.php';

use PsychoB\CryptoCurrencyPHP\AddressCodec;
use PsychoB\CryptoCurrencyPHP\Wallet;



The AddressCodec class provides a simple interface for common Zetacoin/Bitcoin (and compatable) address functions.

The most basic example, get the X and Y coordnates of a DER Encoded public key (old format):

$derPublicKey = '04a34b99f22c790c4e36b2b3c2c35a36db06226e41c692fc82b8b56ac1c540c5bd5b8dec5235a0fa8722476c7709c02559e3aa73aa03918ba2d492eea75abea235';

$point = AddressCodec::Point($derPublicKey);

echo $point['x'];
echo $point['y'];

That will return an array with both X and Y:

X = a34b99f22c790c4e36b2b3c2c35a36db06226e41c692fc82b8b56ac1c540c5bd
Y = 5b8dec5235a0fa8722476c7709c02559e3aa73aa03918ba2d492eea75abea235

The more usefull method is with the new compressed public keys used by modern crypto currencies:

$compressedPublicKey = '03a34b99f22c790c4e36b2b3c2c35a36db06226e41c692fc82b8b56ac1c540c5bd';

$point = AddressCodec::Decompress($compressedPublicKey);

echo $point['x'];
echo $point['y'];

Works the other way around too:

$compressedPublicKey = AddressCodec::Compress($point);
$derPublicKey = AddressCodec::Hex($point);

On to the more usefull items, Encode a public key into a Crypto Currency address. First Hash your public key then Encode it:

$hash = AddressCodec::Hash($compressedPublicKey);
$address = AddressCodec::Encode($hash);

echo $address;

Gives you:

Address = 1F3sAm6ZtwLAUnj7d38pGFxtP3RVEvtsbV

Specify your own prefix (in HEX):

$address = AddressCodec::Encode($hash, "50");

Gives you:

Address = ZS67wSwchNQFuTt3abnK4HjpjQ2x79YZed


The Wallet class provides a simple interface to common Zetacoin/Bitcoin (and compatable) functions. At the moment, the wallet can load a private key, display it's associated receive address, and of course, message signing/verification!

First you must generate or specify a PrivateKey:

$private = new PrivateKey('1234567890abcdefNOTAREALKEY23456789012345678789');
// Or
$private = new PrivateKey();

Load this PrivateKey into the Wallet. Optionally set the network prefix (aka address version/prefix) as a HEX, and network name:

$wallet = new Wallet($private);

// Setting "Z" for "Zetacoin" Address version is 80 in decimal. '50' in HEX.

Print out your recieve address:

echo $wallet->getAddress();

Sign a message:

echo $message =  $wallet->signMessage("Test 1234");

Puts out something like:

Test 1234

Verify a signed message using the Satoshi client's standard message signature format. A PrivateKey is not required when you only need to verify signed messsages:

$message = PHP_EOL;
$message .= "-----BEGIN ZETACOIN SIGNED MESSAGE-----" . PHP_EOL;
$message .= "Test 1234" . PHP_EOL;
$message .= "-----BEGIN SIGNATURE-----" . PHP_EOL;
$message .= "ZJFVhALJwWV1uz8m1YoXXyvNqFMu4h7A94" . PHP_EOL;
$message .= "H7wVT/QJEd3xIonGorLsDxXHg8DE5byo9fcD5h/LHH02KX7nFKjyvH7AE7PjioCQid4qKOjuMh430G37gKIupDc=" . PHP_EOL;
$message .= "-----END ZETACOIN SIGNED MESSAGE-----";

$wallet = new Wallet();

echo $wallet->checkSignatureForRawMessage($message) ? 'Verifies' : 'Fails';

Note that the line endings are important since the parser is quite picky at the moment This will be fixed in a later release.

If you don't want to bother with line endings, you can feed the components in manually:

$message = "Test 1234";
$address = "ZJFVhALJwWV1uz8m1YoXXyvNqFMu4h7A94";
$signature = "H7wVT/QJEd3xIonGorLsDxXHg8DE5byo9fcD5h/LHH02KX7nFKjyvH7AE7PjioCQid4qKOjuMh430G37gKIupDc=";

$wallet = new Wallet();

echo $wallet->checkSignatureForMessage($address, $signature, $message) ? 'Verifies' : 'Fails';

If you find this usefull, please send me some to

  • Bitcoin: 1B6eyXVRPxdEitW5vWrUnzzXUy6o38P9wN
  • Zetacoin: ZK6kdE5H5q7H6QRNRAuqLF6RrVD4cFbiNX

The items in the repository may contain some derivative work based on Jan Moritz Lindemann, Matyas Danter, and Joey Hewitt.


Common Crypto Currency Utility Libraries for PHP (temporary fork)







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