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jQuery Auto Placeholders
(c) 2012 Filip Stefansson, @filipstefansson
Adds support for the placeholder attribute in older browsers.
# IMPORTANT: This file should not be inlcuded. Check the /min/-folder
# for This is a CoffeeScript file.
# Visit for more information.
$ = jQuery
$.fn.autoPlaceholders = ->
# Check if browser supports HTML5 placehoders.
# If user has Modernizr, use that.
placehodersSupported = false
if Modernizr?
placehodersSupported = if Modernizr.input.placeholder then true else false
input = document.createElement "input"
if "placeholder" of input
placehodersSupported = true;
# If placeholders are supported, we don't have do to anything!
if !placehodersSupported
# Find all inputs and textareas in the selected element.
$("input, textarea", this).each ->
# Get their placeholder value(if they have any) and add it as value.
# Also add a CSS-class for blurred inputs to mimic the placeholder look.
if $(this).attr("placeholder")?
placeholder = $(this).attr "placeholder"
$(this).val(placeholder).addClass "placeholder"
# Bind focus event, so when user clicks the input the value disapears,
# if it's the same as placeholder.
$(this).bind "focus", ->
if $(this).hasClass("placeholder")
$(this).val("").removeClass "placeholder"
# Bind blur event, so when user exit the input the value resets if
# the input is empty.
$(this).bind "blur", ->
if $(this).val() is ""
$(this).val(placeholder).addClass "placeholder"
# Don't submit placeholders
$("form").submit ->
$(this).find(":input.placeholder").each ->
# That's all!