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- Moved twitter tokens dependency back to regular twitter gem
- Closed blocks in erb template (jcrosby) while pelle is hiding under his desk
- Handled error case on authorize with non existent token
- Fixed Agree2 token
- Security Fix: Only skip verify_authenticity_token for specific oauth token requests in provider controller
- Added an Index to oauth consumers controller. Rerun generator to create index template
- Added invalidate action to provider, which allows a token to invalidate itself /oauth/invalidate
- Added capabilities action to provider. Lets you expand to allow auto discovery of permissions and services that token provides.
- Can override how authorize form indicates an authorization. To get around ugly checkbox
def user_authorizes_token?
params[:commit] == 'Authorize'
- Fixed Gem Plugins Loading
- A blushing Pelle adds a missing file
- Twitter, Agree2 and FireEagle tokens are working in consumer.
- made it a gem
- more thorough tests of OAuth 1.0 consumer
- Add support for a OAUTH_10_SUPPORT constant to switch on support for OAuth 1.0 in provider
- Added support for OAuth 1.0 consumers (nov)
- Added back support for OAuth 1.0 for providers (nov)
- Added OAuth Consumer generator
- Moved oauth controller code to a module to make it easier to upgrade in the future
- Added support for OAuth version 1.0a
- Added haml support
- Improved OAuth Client Controller gui (alec-c4)
- Fixed escaping error and file path error in the generator simultaneously reported and fixed by Ivan Valdes and Mike Demers thanks
- Fixed compatibility issue with OAuth Gem 3.1 (wr0ngway and aeden)
- Added Test:Unit tests to generator (Ed Hickey)
- added missing oauth_clients/edit.html.erb view template (Ed Hickey)
- added missing :oauth_clients resource route in USAGE (Ed Hickey)
- Don't throw NPE it token is not in db (Haruska)
- Cleaned up whitespace (bricolage, Nicholas Nam)
- Fixed bug in default verify_oauth_signature (igrigorik)
- Doc fixes (skippy)
- Split OAuth controller into two parts: OAuth and OAuth clients. [jcrosby]
revision 31
- patch that fixes a problem in oauth_required from Hannes Tyden and Sean Treadway from SoundCloud. Thanks.
revision 30
- updated to use oauth gem 0.2.1
revision 23
- removed all core libraries from plugin. They are now in the oauth gem.
# oauth-plugin-pre-gem Branch created
revision 18
- added a generator for creation oauth_providers
revision 12
- the bug with post and put has now been fixed.
- better documentation
revision 9
- added a test helper. Include OAuth::TestHelper in your tests or specs to mock incoming requests
revision: 8
- moved tests into oauth folder and renamed them to make them work with autotest by default
- Refactored the request methods to make them more flexible and ready for integrating with ActiveResource
- There are a few tests that fail. All of them to do with put and post requests with payload data. I decided to commit anyway, to get the new api out.
revision: 7
- Done a lot of work on the Server side of things. The Server class has changed a lot and is likely to be incompatible with previous versions
revision: 6
- Throws InsecureSignatureMethod exception if attempting to use straight sha1 or md5.
- Disables plaintext signature over http (throws an InsecureSignatureMethod)
- Better testing of signature methods - the prior tests were seriously flawed.
revision: 5
- Removed support for sha1 and md5
- Implemented draft 6 support of OAuth removing secrets from base string