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This gem is part of the open source SOA framework Vidibus.

It provides validation of URIs (URLs) to ActiveModel records and ActionControllers in Rails 3.


Add the dependency to the Gemfile of your application:

gem "vidibus-validate_uri"

Then call bundle install on your console.


To validate an URI in your ActiveModel record, simply add the uri validator to the field you want to validate as URI:

class Model
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :some_uri
  validates :some_uri, :uri => true

To validate an URI in any model, include ActiveModel::Validations:

class Model
  include ActiveModel::Validations
  attr_accessor :uri
  validates :some_uri, :uri => true

Just in case you'll need it, a method #valid_uri? is available to controllers that inherit from ActionController::Base. Use it like this:

valid_uri?("something") # => false

Validation options

To restrict validation to a certain protocol, provide a :protocol option:

validates :some_uri, :uri => { :protocol => :rtmp }
validates :some_uri, :uri => { :protocol => [:rtsp, :rtmp] }

To check if the uri is accessible over the network, provide an :accessible option:

validates :some_uri, :uri => { :accessible => true }

Just like for any other ActiveModel validation, you may allow blank values by providing an :allow_blank option:

validates :some_uri, :uri => { :allow_blank => true }

You may provide those validation options to the #valid_uri? method as well:

valid_uri?(your_uri, :accessible => true)
valid_uri?(your_uri, :protocol => :rtmp)
valid_uri?(your_uri, :protocol => [:rtsp, :rtmp])


Copyright © 2010 Andre Pankratz. See LICENSE for details.