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Script pack for accessing Azure Mobile Services from scriptcs CSX script and scriptcs REPL.


Simply type:

scriptcs -install Scriptcs.AzureMobileServices

Or create packages.config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<package id="Scriptcs.AzureMobileServices" targetFramework="net45" />

And run:

scriptcs -install

This will install ScriptCs.AzureMobileServices and the necessary dependencies and copy them to a bin folder relative to the place from where you executed the installation.


You can now access ZUMO from your script.

var zumo = Require<AzureMobileServices>();
var itemTable = zumo.GetTable<Item>("filipservice");

Note: due to the convention in Azure Mobile Services, the primary key column of your object needs to be a nullable int with the name "id" (or marked with [JsonProperty("id")] or [DataMember(Name="id")]). Otherwise the serialization will fail.

If you require an AUTH key, you can pass that too:

var itemTable = zumo.GetTable<Item>("filipservice","myKey");

The name of the table is inferred from the class you are using. If that's different, you can pass that in as well:

var itemTable = zumo.GetTable<Item>("filipservice","myKey","myTableName");


Next you can start performing the typical CRUD operations on the table. Add and update operations will return the modified/created object.


var item = itemTable.Add(new Item { Name = "Hello world" });
//now item holds the id of the newly created object


var item = new Item { Name = "Hello world" };
itemTable.Update(1, item);
//item with id == 1 has been updated


var item = itemTable.Get(1);
//gets item with id == 1


//deletes item with id == 2

Get all

var items = itemTable.Get();
//gets all items in the table

And that is it! You can combine this functionality with other script packs, or simply use in your scripts to easily persist/retrieve data and information.

This script pack works both from regular CSX script, and from the new scriptcs REPL.

Learn more

You can learn more about this script pack in the introductory blog post I wrote at my blog.

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