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A library allowing you to define Web API 2 direct routes using strongly typed, centralized syntax. This allows you to ensure tht whenever you refactor your application, the routes will not break.

Installation and requirements

TypedRouting works only with Web API 2.2+. The abstractions used to build up the library were only introduced in the 2.2 release of the framework. Internally, TypedRouting is an implementation of IDirectRouteProvider - same mechanism as used by attribute routing.

You can grab the package from Nuget:

install-package Strathweb.TypedRouting

Usage example

Consider the sample controller:

public class TestController : ApiController 
    public HttpResponseMessage Get()
      //omitted for brevity
    public HttpResponseMessage GetById(int id)
      //omitted for brevity

You define the routes to this controller with TypedRouting using the following syntax:

var config = new HttpConfiguration();

config.TypedRoute("test", c => c.Action<TestController>(x => x.Get()));
config.TypedRoute("test/{id:int}", c => c.Action<TestController>(x => x.GetById(Param.Any<int>())));

You can use the fluent API to give the route a name (so that you can use it with UrlHelper and other libraries requiring you to reference routes by name:

config.TypedRoute("test", c => c.Action<TestController>(x => x.Get().Name("getTest"));

TypedRouting works well with UrlHelper and with Drum

Blog post

Read more at my blog


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