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Demo of migrating Web API to MVC6 from NDC Oslo 2015
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NDC Oslo, June 2015

Demo of migrating Web API to MVC6 from NDC Oslo 2015


Watch the talk on Vimeo


Clone the repo, navigate here and run build.cmd (win) or (*nix). Alternatively, just go to this URL.

Mind you this talk is all about code so there aren't many slides anyway.


This repo contains:

The MVC 6 projects were built using the latest (at the time) nightlies - 1.0.0-beta6-12189. To run the project make sure you install that DNX version:

  • dnvm install 1.0.0-beta6-12189 -u
  • dnvm install 1.0.0-beta6-12189 -u -runtime coreclr
  • dnvm alias default 1.0.0-beta-12189 - (to pick up the DNX in Visual Studio)

Alternatively go to global.json in the MVC 6 projects and update the DNX version there


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