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commit 8ab0f404d16ecbf3e4499c8c2c4f6ec25ec3d5ab 1 parent 07bf28d
Julio Guerra authored weblate committed
Showing with 38 additions and 52 deletions.
  1. +38 −52 po/gl.po
90 po/gl.po
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: phpMyAdmin 3.5.1-dev\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-04-10 11:58+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-04-16 22:27-0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-04-16 23:08-0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Julio Guerra <>\n"
"Language-Team: Galician <>\n"
"Language: gl\n"
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: browse_foreigners.php:35 browse_foreigners.php:53 js/messages.php:350
#: libraries/display_tbl.lib.php:359 server_privileges.php:1793
msgid "Show all"
-msgstr "Ver todo"
+msgstr "Mostrar todo"
#: browse_foreigners.php:70 libraries/PDF.class.php:43
#: libraries/common.lib.php:2483
@@ -7984,7 +7984,7 @@ msgstr "Non ten privilexios suficientes para crear un evento"
#, php-format
#| msgid "No tables found in database."
msgid "No event with name %1$s found in database %2$s"
-msgstr "No event with name %1$s found in database %2$s"
+msgstr "Non se atopou evento co nome %1$s na base de datos %2$s"
#: libraries/rte/rte_words.lib.php:48
#| msgid "There are no configured servers"
@@ -9150,7 +9150,7 @@ msgstr "Gardar no almacenamento do navegador"
#: prefs_manage.php:304
msgid "Settings will be saved in your browser's local storage."
-msgstr "A configuración será gardada no almacenamento do navegador"
+msgstr "A configuración será gardada no almacenamento do navegador."
#: prefs_manage.php:306
msgid "Existing settings will be overwritten!"
@@ -10031,7 +10031,7 @@ msgstr "Mostrar só valores de alerta"
#: server_status.php:864
msgid "Filter by category..."
-msgstr "Filtrar por categoría"
+msgstr "Filtrar por categoría..."
#: server_status.php:878
#| msgid "Show open tables"
@@ -12492,7 +12492,7 @@ msgstr "Rexistro de consultas lentas"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:71
msgid "The slow query log is disabled."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "O rexistro de consultas lentas está desactivado."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:72
msgid ""
@@ -12502,7 +12502,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:73
msgid "log_slow_queries is set to 'OFF'"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "log_slow_queries esta establecido a 'OFF'"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:77
#| msgid "Select Tables"
@@ -12968,7 +12968,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:246
msgid "Percentage of temp tables on disk"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Porcentaxe de táboas temporais en disco"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:249 libraries/advisory_rules.txt:256
msgid ""
@@ -13034,7 +13034,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:278
msgid "key_buffer_size is 0"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "key_buffer_size é 0"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:280
#, php-format
@@ -13078,7 +13078,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:295
msgid "Percentage of index reads from memory"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Porcentaxe de lecturas de indicé da memoria"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:298
#, php-format
@@ -13096,16 +13096,14 @@ msgstr ""
"Índices lidos dende a memoria: %s%%, este valor debería ser maior ó 95%%"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:304
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Create table"
msgid "Rate of table open"
msgstr "Taxa de apertura de táboas"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:307
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "The current number of pending writes."
msgid "The rate of opening tables is high."
-msgstr "A taxa de táboas abertas é alta."
+msgstr "A taxa de apertura de táboas é alta."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:308
msgid ""
@@ -13122,7 +13120,6 @@ msgstr ""
"Taxa de apertura de taboas: %s, este valor debería ser menor a 10 por hora"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:311
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Format of imported file"
msgid "Percentage of used open files limit"
msgstr "Porcentaxe de uso do límite de ficheiros abertos"
@@ -13152,13 +13149,11 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:318
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Format of imported file"
msgid "Rate of open files"
msgstr "Taxa de apertura de ficheiros"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:321
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "The number of pending log file fsyncs."
msgid "The rate of opening files is high."
msgstr "A taxa de apertura de ficheiros é alta."
@@ -13170,16 +13165,15 @@ msgstr ""
"Taxa de apertura de ficheiros: %s, este valor debería ser menor a 5 por hora"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:325
-#, fuzzy, php-format
+#, php-format
#| msgid "Create table on database %s"
msgid "Immediate table locks %%"
msgstr "Porcentaxe de bloqueos de tabla inmediatos %%"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:328 libraries/advisory_rules.txt:335
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "The number of times that a table lock was acquired immediately."
msgid "Too many table locks were not granted immediately."
-msgstr "Número de veces que se adquiriu inmediatamente un bloqueo de táboa."
+msgstr "Demasiados bloqueos de táboas non foron levantados inmediatamente."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:329 libraries/advisory_rules.txt:336
msgid "Optimize queries and/or use InnoDB to reduce lock wait."
@@ -13204,10 +13198,9 @@ msgstr ""
"a 1 por hora"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:339
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Key cache"
msgid "Thread cache"
-msgstr "Caché de fíos"
+msgstr "Cacheé de fios"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:342
msgid ""
@@ -13225,16 +13218,15 @@ msgid "The thread cache is set to 0"
msgstr "A caché de fíos é 0"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:346
-#, fuzzy, php-format
+#, php-format
#| msgid "Tracking is not active."
msgid "Thread cache hit rate %%"
-msgstr "Porcentaxe de caché de fíos %%"
+msgstr "Porcentaxe de acertos da caché de fíos %%"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:349
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Tracking is not active."
msgid "Thread cache is not efficient."
-msgstr "A caché de fíos non é eficiente."
+msgstr "A caché de fios non é eficiente"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:350
msgid "Increase {thread_cache_size}."
@@ -13250,10 +13242,9 @@ msgid "Threads that are slow to launch"
msgstr "Fíos que son lentos para iniciarse"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:356
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "The number of threads that are not sleeping."
msgid "There are too many threads that are slow to launch."
-msgstr "Número de fíos demasiado lentos para publicar"
+msgstr "Demasiados fíos que inician a execución lentamente."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:357
msgid ""
@@ -13292,7 +13283,6 @@ msgid "slow_launch_time is set to %s"
msgstr "Slow_launch_time está configurado a %s"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:369
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Persistent connections"
msgid "Percentage of used connections"
msgstr "Porcentaxe de conexións empregadas"
@@ -13319,10 +13309,9 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:376
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Persistent connections"
msgid "Percentage of aborted connections"
-msgstr "Porcentaxe de conexións canceladas"
+msgstr "Porcentaxe de conexións abortadas"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:379 libraries/advisory_rules.txt:386
msgid "Too many connections are aborted."
@@ -13348,26 +13337,26 @@ msgstr ""
"ó 1%%"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:383
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Persistent connections"
msgid "Rate of aborted connections"
-msgstr "Taxa de conexións canceladas"
+msgstr "Taxa de conexións abortadas"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:388
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Aborted connections rate is at %s, this value should be less than 1 per hour"
msgstr ""
+"A taxa de conexións abortadas está en %s, este valor debería ser inferior a "
+"1 por hora."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:390
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Format of imported file"
msgid "Percentage of aborted clients"
-msgstr "Formato do ficheiro importado"
+msgstr "Porcentaxe de clientes abortados"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:393 libraries/advisory_rules.txt:400
msgid "Too many clients are aborted."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Demasiadas clientes abortaron"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:394 libraries/advisory_rules.txt:401
msgid ""
@@ -13382,10 +13371,9 @@ msgid "%s%% of all clients are aborted. This value should be below 2%%"
msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:397
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Format of imported file"
msgid "Rate of aborted clients"
-msgstr "Formato do ficheiro importado"
+msgstr "Taxxa de clientes abortados"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:402
#, php-format
@@ -13394,35 +13382,34 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:406
msgid "Is InnoDB disabled?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Está InnoDB desactivada?"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:409
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Cannot load or save configuration"
msgid "You do not have InnoDB enabled."
-msgstr "Non se puido cargar ou gravar a configuración"
+msgstr "InnoDB non está activado."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:410
msgid "InnoDB is usually the better choice for table engines."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "InnoDB é habitualmente a mellor elección para motores de táboas."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:411
msgid "have_innodb is set to 'value'"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "have_innodb está establecido a 'value'"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:413
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Buffer pool size"
msgid "InnoDB log size"
-msgstr "Tamaño da reserva da memoria intermedia"
+msgstr "Tamaño de rexistro de InnoDB"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:416
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "The number writes done to the InnoDB buffer pool."
msgid ""
"The InnoDB log file size is not an appropriate size, in relation to the "
"InnoDB buffer pool."
-msgstr "Número de veces que se escribiu no búfer InnoDB."
+msgstr ""
+"O tamaño do rexistro de InnoDB non e apropiado en relación a reserva de "
+"búfer do InnoDB."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:417
#, php-format
@@ -13447,11 +13434,11 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:420
msgid "Max InnoDB log size"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Tamaño máximo do rexistro InnoDB"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:423
msgid "The InnoDB log file size is inadequately large."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "O tamaño do ficheiro de rexistro InnoDB e inadecuadamente longo"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:424
#, php-format
@@ -13470,17 +13457,16 @@ msgstr ""
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:425
#, php-format
msgid "Your absolute InnoDB log size is %s MiB"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "O tamaño absoluto do rexistro InnoDB es %s MiB"
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:427
-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Buffer pool size"
msgid "InnoDB buffer pool size"
-msgstr "Tamaño da reserva da memoria intermedia"
+msgstr "Tamaño da reserva de búfer do InnoDB."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:430
msgid "Your InnoDB buffer pool is fairly small."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "A reserva de búfer InnoDB é bastante pequena."
#: libraries/advisory_rules.txt:431
#, php-format

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