Forecast IO v2 api wrapper for Scala
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Forecast IO v2 API wrapper in scala

I know there are at least two Java wrappers, but this will feel cleaner to anyone working on a Scala project and needs weather data.

This is also completely immutable and thread-safe!

Review API Spec for specifics:

##Quick Examples:

###Standard US

val forecastIO = ForecastIO("my api key")

val Success(forecast) = forecastIO.forecast("45.157778", "-93.226944")

forecast.currently.summary //=> "Mostly Cloudy"


val forecastIO = ForecastIO("my api key", "si")


It's hard to just "know" the location points, so you can grab a location using the google maps API

val Success(location) ="salt lake city utah")
val Success(forecast) = forecastIO.forecast(location)

forecast.currently.apparentTemperature //=> "58.89"


You can also get a forecast from a prior or future date.

val date = new Date(1265076122 * 1000L) //=> Feb 2, 2010
val Success(forecast) = forecastIO.forecast("45.157778", "-93.226944", date)