Disassembler for Racket
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A disassembler for JITed functions in Racket.

To install:

% raco pkg install disassemble

To use it, try something like this (ndisasm must be in your path):

[samth@punge:~/sw/disassemble (master) plt] racket
Welcome to Racket v5.0.99.6.
> (require disassemble)
> (define (const x) 1)
> (const 3) ;; makes sure that `const' is jitted
> (decompile const)
00000000  8943FC            mov [ebx-0x4],eax
00000003  83C3FC            add ebx,byte -0x4
00000006  B803000000        mov eax,0x3
0000000B  83C41C            add esp,byte +0x1c
0000000E  5F                pop edi
0000000F  5E                pop esi
00000010  5B                pop ebx
00000011  5D                pop ebp
00000012  C3                ret
.. much more output ..

Currently, decompile takes a #:size parameter which specifies how many bytes to decompile, because it doesn't understand x86 code enough to find the end of the function.

If you have no ndisasm, you can dump function to file, and read it with another disassembler (e.g. ida pro). dump function additionally takes file-name parameter.

Patches, uses, complaints, and suggestions are all welcome.