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Fork of Maxima CAS to make it more embeddable
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ChangeLog Added notes about nset.lisp and rand-mt19937.lisp.
ChangeLog-5.10.0 Commit files created on 5.10.0 release branch to cvs head.
ChangeLog-5.11.0 Change log for changes from 5.10 to 5.11.
ChangeLog-5.12.0 Change log for Maxima 5.12.0.
ChangeLog-5.13.0 New file ChangeLog-5.13.0.
ChangeLog-5.14.0 Change log for release 5.14.0.
ChangeLog-5.15.0 Change log for Maxima 5.15.0.
ChangeLog-5.16 New file ChangeLog-5.16.
ChangeLog-5.17 Update Maxima 5.17 change log (omitted some stuff before).
ChangeLog-5.17-special-functions Change logs for Maxima 5.17.
ChangeLog-5.18 Change log for 5.18 release.
ChangeLog-5.19 Fill in change log items.
ChangeLog-5.20 Change log for Maxima 5.20 branch.
ChangeLog-5.21 Change log for Maxima 5.21.
ChangeLog-5.22 Change log for Maxima 5.22 release.
ChangeLog-5.23 Content for 5.23 change log.
ChangeLog-5.24 Change log for Maxima 5.24.
ChangeLog-5.25 Paste in info about 5.25 changes.
ChangeLog-5.26 Commit change log for Maxima 5.26 (apparently omitted from master by …
ChangeLog-5.27 Change log for Maxima 5.27.
ChangeLog-5.9.2 Committing some minor changes from the 5.9.2 branch to main branch.
ChangeLog-5.9.3 Change log for 5.9.2--5.9.3.
INSTALL Attempted to clarify introduction. Specifically mention "sh bootstrap"
INSTALL.git Rename INSTALL.cvs -> INSTALL.git
INSTALL.lisp Additional support for Lispworks.
INSTALL.win32 Updated the installation instructions for windows. Added new files for osx binary.
NEWS Merge in changes from 5.10.0 release branch.
README clozurecl on windows testing
README.developers-howto Updated developers-howto in light of Git changeover.
README.external Updates for 5.9.1
README.i18n Add ccl, cmucl, and ecl to the list of Unicode-aware Lisp
README.lisps Add entries for CCL and ECL which have been working with maxima quite
README.rpms Added instructions for how to build rpm files.
bootstrap Make bootstrap less needlessly verbose. -- Make variable htmlinstdir specifies installation directory for HTM… Having broken down and read the automake manual, I see that I did not Replace hyphens with underscores in VERSION, for building RPMs.
configure.lisp Subsitute value of SHELL for @POSIX_SHELL@ instead of "/bin/sh".
em-quadpack.asd renaming of quadpack, slatec
em-slatec.asd renaming of quadpack, slatec
embeddable-maxima.asd renaming of quadpack, slatec
index.html Add links Adjust *MAXIMA-OBJDIR* and modify *.system files in share accordingly. Updates for gnuplot 4.4 on windows. Remove getopt-license.txt from list of files. Fixes to restore the functionality of xmaxima-local, at least under



embeddable-maxima is fork of Maxima CAS.
Main goal of project: to make Maxima available in common lisp project.


  M+x slime
    (pushnew "/path/to/maxima/" asdf:*central-registry*)
    (ql:quickload :embeddable-maxima)

SBCL 1.0.54 x86_64 linux (all tests passed),
SBCL x86_64 windows 7 (almost all tests passed (2 failed))

Armed Bear Common Lisp 1.1.0-dev-svn-13875
Java 1.6.0_24 Sun Microsystems Inc.
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
(loadable, many tests failed)

Clozure CL
  Version 1.8-r15286M  (WindowsX8664) virtualbox x86_64 (all tests passed)
  Version 1.8-r15286M  (WindowsX8632) virtualbox x86_64 (almost all tests passed, but three failed)


Email: filonenko.mikhail at

Original Maxima

Maxima is a symbolic computation program.  It is full featured,
doing symbolic manipulation of polynomials, matrices, rational
functions, integration, Todd-coxeter, graphing, bigfloats.  It has a
symbolic debugger source level debugger for maxima code.  Maxima is
based on the original Macsyma developed at MIT in the 1970's.  It is
quite reliable, and has good garbage collection, and no memory leaks.
It comes with hundreds of self tests.

Maxima is distributed under the GNU General Public License, with some
export restrictions from the U.S. Department of Energy. See the file

Installation information is available in the file INSTALL. Summary
information about this release can be found in the file NEWS. Detailed
change information is available in the ChangeLog.

For more information on Maxima, see the Maxima web site,
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